Sunday, September 25, 2011

St James Tea Room

As a surprise to my friend Melinda's  upcoming birthday me and 2 of our friends surprised her with a night out at a really neat place called St James Tea Room.  It's a great place for women to go out and get dressed up, have some tea, and finger foods.  There are 3 courses on the menu and a tea to go with each.  The theme of the night was a Murder Mystery, based off of the game Clue.  It was a great night (away from the kiddos) where we got to chit chat and feel a bit more lady like.  In the end, Stephanie was the murderer per the red jelly in the bottom of her mousse.  I had a great time and I hope Melinda had a great early birthday gift!  Thanks to Stephanie, Melinda, and Brittany for making it so much fun!
Stephanie, Brittany, Melinda, and me

Nice touch!

Each of us had a different saying on our plates.

The 3 tiers o'food

Some of the food was a bit eccentric for my "boring" taste buds, but it was fun to try!

The best part!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Annabelle's Oktoberfest Birthday O'Fun!

Today we got to celebrate Annabelle's 1st birthday with an Oktoberfest theme!  The drive was long, but well worth it!
 The kiddos got nice party favors....clackers and beer steins.  Audrey didn't want to put down her beer stein!
 Walking and "drinking" do not mix!  Really there was nothing in her stein but a pretzel, but new walkers always look drunk.
 Checking out the cows.
 Tanner wanted to join in on the action and maybe get a hug.
 Audrey is now the ex-girlfriend.  Tanner's new girlfriend showed up.  She had to get love...after all, it was her birthday!
 And 1 more makes 4.  Braylon decided to join in on the cow gazing.
 Audrey walking back after viewing the cows.
 Annabelle and Audrey (with her messed up bow) checking out their mugs.
 Braylon likes to double fist it.
 This is what you look like after you have drank too much.  Really, this is just one of those many bad photos!
 Audrey chilling with her daddy!
 Elijah's breadstache.
 Audrey and her breadstache.
 Happy 1st Birthday Annabelle!
 Goth lips thanks to the black frosting.
 Mmmmmmm cupcakes!
 Mommy and Daddy!
 Nice family photo!  You don't get many of those!
 The kiddos enjoying the bubbles.
 And Audrey has had enough.  She was off to investigate a diaper bag.
And this is how the party ended.  A spider trying to bite Brittany and scared Stephanie, mommy to the birthday girl! 
What a great time, great food, and great friends!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun with Daddy

While I was finishing up my day at work Elijah decided to have a little fun with the camera and our little ladybug.  Here's a sneak peak at daddy/daughter time!

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

On Audrey's actual birthday I took the day off so we could go the zoo as a family.  It was SOOO hot that day so all the animals were lethargic.  I started feeling like that towards the end!  We first ate lunch on the lawn area and then meandered our way through all the animal exhibits.  We dressed Audrey up since it was her big #1!  
 All done with let's look at some animals!

 Lethargic lion.  
 Not sure what this is called..but he looked like a mini deer.  So cute!
 Lethargic jaguar.
 Semi lethargic mountain lion
 Audrey wanting to play with the "kitty"
 Daddy and Audrey like to point at things.  
 Walabi's are so cute!  Plus it was nice and cool in this area.  I thought sitting on the bench would be a good idea.
 The one photo of me and Audrey.  
 We were trying to figure out if this gorilla was just fat or really pregnant.  She/he enjoyed eating cardboard though.
 This much skinnier gorilla wanted to be bulimic, but didn't have it in him.  He puked twice.  And ate it.  Twice.
 While Elijah went to take a work call I found the splash pad and changed Audrey so she could cool off.  Daddy found us and quickly got a squirt right in his butt.  I guess he needed to cool off too!! I managed to miss any hits of water.

 This is where I wanted to hang out. Minus the stench and getting eaten by hippos.
 Time for the train!  Notice the ice block that Audrey is holding.

 Gimme the camera mom.
I couldn't resist putting a picture of the capybara on here.  We had to make the haul over to his area because this is Elijah's favorite animal.  Go figure.  An oversized hampster/guinea pig. 
This mommy peacock and her baby were wandering around near the splash pad so I fed her some of Audrey's cheeto things.  First of all, she's greedy and almost bit me.  Second of all, she doesn't share because her baby left hungry.  Jerk.
We had such a good time wandering the Rio Grande Zoo as a family!  What a great way to spend a Wednesday!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ladybug Birthday

Audrey's birthday turned out great!  I'm glad we had it earlier in the day so it wasn't too hot.  Yes, it was still hot, but we lucked out with some clouds so the sun was glaring down on us.  I was a frantic woman in the morning trying to get it all ready, along with an almost 1 year old.  Let's just say I was a tad "snippy."  I changed my tune once the event got going, but I was on little sleep.  My sister in law came over the night before so we could decorate the cake and the cupcakes.  She did a great job with the cake.  I baked, she decorated. I decorated the majority of the cupcakes, which were little ladybugs to fit the theme.  We were up until 12:15am working on these bad boys.  WELL past my bedtime!  We had a good turnout with family, friends, mommy group and kids, and everything in between.  We had it at the park down the street from our house so the older kids could play and not get bored. Elijah cooked up some hot dogs and burgers and we had a black bean salsa and mac n cheese as sides.  Audrey got dolled up in her custom onesie and mommy made tutu.  She had to change her outfit to eat her cupcake because we didn't want a mess!  I laughed because she was Little Ms. Dainty when it came time to eat her cupcake.  We had to smash her hand in there just so she would get a little messy!  She got so many cute clothes and tons of toys!  She's set for the year!!
Super cute ladybug cake

Audrey and her daddy.  Audrey says, "Wassup!!"

The yummy station

The grill man and the decorater

I'm not really sure what I'm pointing at in this photo.  Obviously something amazing.

Audrey "borrowing" a sippy cup

Honey, I think they are already dead.

Walking over the bridge

Jamming with the bells.  Do you like how the skirt is eating her alive?

Now this was amazing!  Ever since my mom passed away we always talk about how doves represent her.  I love to see the little doves sitting on the wall outside the living room window.  Well, this little dove decided to hang out with us almost the entire party!  Was it a coincidence or was my mom watching over her grandbaby during this very important day?  We all got a little misty eyed seeing this.

Everyone hanging out as the dove watches over.

Cupcake time!


Maureen and I guarding the flame.

Taking tiny bites

Come on Audrey, just smash your hand into it!

I had to do it for her.  Dainty Princess she is!

3 of the cutest boys I know!

Always pointing at something

Look at this Audrey!

Let's read the card


Audrey, look at what mommy and daddy got you.  A super cool water table.  Do you want to see it?

No mom, I like licking this really old soccer ball.  

And to end a wonderful day we decided to feed the little chipmunks some of the treats.  They REALLY liked the cupcake!

Nom nom nom!
We had such a great day at the park!  Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy our day with us!