Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beginners Crawl

I thought for the longest time that Audrey was going to skip crawling all together and head straight into walking, since she always preferred to be upright.  She was a horrible "tummy time" girl and would scream whine whenever she was face down.  She has moved beyond this phase and is now a perfect tummy time candidate.  She can raise her arms so her entire tummy is off the ground and has just discovered how to get her butt and knees up.  Her next hurdle is figuring out how to put it all together and crawl instead of lunge or be a 1st cadet in the army.  It's so cute to see her become more mobile and reach for things that interest her.  Besides "crawling" she has also mastered the technique we like to call "the helicopter."  See for yourself!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Laughing at the kitty

Sunny, our cat, is a huge hit with Audrey.  She adores him and every time she sees him she squeals in delight and  tries with all her might to crawl/roll/ lunge her way to him.  On this given day she was rolling around in her sports car while Elijah was playing with "kitty."  Audrey thought it was the funniest thing since tummy raspberries and got a good giggle out of it!  Love this little ladies laugh!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Miss Possessive

Audrey's new "thing" as of late has been her extreme possessiveness over the stupidest things.  Well, maybe to us, but to her, these "things" are pure gold and if you take them from her it's like ripping a kidney from her wee little body.  Today's "thing" of choice was her comb.  Now this comb is the same one that they used in the hospital to wash and brush her hair.  We've never bought a new one because this one works fine.  The second you even bring your hand towards the brush she starts kicking her legs and whining.  If you are able to get it from her she'll scream and grab for it.  The video tells only a small portion of how she behaves when this brush gets taken from her, but you get the idea.  I know...we're horrible parents for making her cry and laughing about it.  Such is life! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

7 months

It's a couple weeks in to Audrey's 7th month and it's amazing how much she has grown!  Not sure how accurate the scale is when you weigh yourself and then hold the baby and subtract the difference, but if it's close then she weighs 15lb 6oz as of this past weekend.  We put a yard stick next to her and this is what we found:

  I believe that she got blessed with the fabulous Lynch genetics because she eats like a horse and still stays skinny!  Trust me will pay off later!  This "fat girl in a skinny girl's body" downs an ENTIRE banana with 4 scoops of oatmeal each morning and eats 4oz of food for lunch and dinner.  She now gets a veggie and a fruit at each sitting.  She can down 8oz of boobie juice and we have now just discovered the bottom of one of our deep freezers.  It still has the side panel to go and another deep freezer stocked to the brim with boobie juice!  I think she'll be set beyond her 1st birthday (go mommy!!!) Audrey is now wanting to be Ms. Independent and it is a task to even change her diaper.  She wants to roll over and see the world.  Fun for her...not for mom and dad.  She still loves to walk with assistance and is doing better at holding onto the couch and standing for .2 seconds without tipping.  She is attempting a crawling maneuver where she shoves her butt in the air and tries to push, but her arms and legs don't work at the same time.  But hey, it's progress, right?  She now sits up to play and we just removed her "butt bump" in her bathtub so she had her first official big girl bath in her little girl tub!  She can say things like ga, ba, ma, various raspberries and fart noises, squealing and screeching and today we got 1 da from her.  We still don't see any signs of teeth, but she is drooling like crazy and has had a runny nose and cough (which may be from teething or her continued bout with sickness/allergies).  We are so proud of all her milestones and it's wild to think that in just a few short months we will be celebrating her 1st birthday!  We love you Ms. Rayne!