Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hiccups and Raspberries

After spending 2 long hours at the doctor's office yesterday we found out that Audrey has a virus.  Probably the same virus I am suffering from.  Her vitals all looked good as did her lungs, which put me at ease...a little.  They used an electric nose sucker to get all her mucus out and she hated that.  We have to wait out the next 24-48 hours to see if she gets worse or is on the mend to getting better.  Because of her wheezing she can't sleep flat so we pulled her swing into her room and put it in the upright position.  She slept right next to her humidifier and we slept on an air mattress right next to her.  She slept really good....we slept decently, but the mattress started losing it's air and by morning we were on a sinking ship!  After taking a nap she had a bit of fun in her exersaucer.  She had the hiccups, which she had every single day that she was in my belly.  She also was showing off her new skills at making raspberries (farting noises is more like it!).  It's good to see that even though she is sick, she can still have a little fun!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bubbles and the Park

So I got this bright idea a while ago that Audrey would just totally LOVE bubbles.  I happily put her in her Bumbo on the coffee table and ran and got the bubbles.  She could care less.  She was more interested in the dogs than me blowing bubbles her way.  Oh well, at least the dogs had a good time!
Mom, what are you doing?

What in the world are those things??


Hi Mom!

Nom nom nom

Perfect picture!

So on Friday, before Sickly Sarah 2011 came about we had the opportunity to go to Mariposa Basin Park to try out the baby swings and feed the ducks.  We invited her buddy Tanner to join in the festivities!  Tanner loved the swings and was laughing the whole time.  Audrey looked like a little free bird with her arms out to the sides.  They both enjoyed feeding the did we!

Not a happy camper!

This isn't so bad..I can dig this!

I love her!

Tanner and Audrey enjoying a beautiful Friday at the park!

Love how Tan is holding on like a big boy!

Let's feed the duckies!

Feeding frenzy

Happy St. Pattie's Day!

As usual, we bought a cute little outfit for Audrey to wear on her next big "Holiday."  She also has a shamrock bib that says, "My 1st St. Patrick's Day."  She looked so cute all day and no where to go.  I have been suffering from what I think is the flu so all my fantastic spring break plans went kaput.  I have been sick since Monday with a fever and various other ailments and poor Lady Bug has a low grade fever now and a slight cough.  She's taking Tylenol and otherwise is in good spirits.  Hopefully I'll have at least 1 decent day before going back to work where me and Audrey can do something fun!  We did get to enjoy the nice New Mexico weather and breeze out back this evening as we filled out the kiddie pool for the dogs.  Bruno appreciated it as he jumped in and out and then laid down in it.  Even though I feel icky, it's always nice to hug and snuggle Audrey.  We have to remember to hug, love, and appreciate or little one's each and every day.  They are true gifts, some get taken just a little too soon like dear little Maddie.  Here's to your Angel, Kellie!

Yes, life is just a little tough when you are this cute!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

6 months

It's crazy to think that half a year has gone by since we had Audrey!!  It seems like yesterday that we were in the hospital waiting to take our little Lady Bug home!  Here is a look at her teeny feet with her birth stats!  Yes, I just realized that her left foot looks a little different from her right, but I can assure you that they are the same and that she does have 10 toes, not 9 like the stamp looks.  Haha!
Audrey lost over a pound from when we took her home to her first appointment, so we were required to go back until her weight evened out with her birth weight.  All we needed was 1 check.  She gained it all, plus some.  At 2 months old she weighed 10lb 14 1/2oz (50%) and was 23in long (75%).  Then at her 4 month check up she weighed in at 12lb 13oz (25-50%) and was 24 1/2in long (50-75%).  I remember reading on Babycenter how big other babies her age were and it was crazy.  These kids were like 27in long and weighed 20lb.  Apparently we have a teeny weeny lady, or they have off the charts kids who were born at 10lb.  God help me if I ever have to push out a 10lb baby.  Unlikely, since I barely got out a 7 pounder!  Here we are at 6 months old and Audrey is now 14lb 7.5oz (25%) and is 26in long (70%).  She is long and lean.  I wonder where she gets that from??  It's crazy to think that she has more than doubled her birth weight and grew a half a foot!!  Every morning after Audrey gets dressed we ask her to show us her "supermodel look."  She proceeds to stand up (with help) and pose or walk down the make shift runway that is our bed.  I think if we continue she may think she is the center of it all and will go walking into kindergarten saying, "look at me, I am a supermodel.  My parents told me so."  But hey, it's funny now.  And boy, does she love clothes and shopping.  We could change her 5-6 times to find the perfect outfit and she would never fuss.  Here are some interesting facts about our little lady.
Things I Love
*Playing in my exersaucer
*Riding on the back of my big dog brother, Bruno
*Playing with Mommy's Moshi pillow and fake suffocating myself with it
*cuddling with my daddy
*Being tickled in the ribs, feet, face...but only by Daddy because he is the only one who can really make me laugh
*Going anywhere like the store, park, Uncle and Aunt's house.
*Putting everything in my mouth
*Other kids

Things I Can Do Now That I Once Couldn't Do
*Roll over and over consecutively.  If my parents turn their head for a second I have rolled half way across the floor.
*Almost sit up on my own.
*Stand up and walk while my parents hold my hands (I may just skip the whole crawling thing).
*Says ba ba ba, raspberry.  Ba ba ba, raspberry.  I do say other things, but this is my new favorite.
*I now enjoy tummy time because I can pretty much push my chest off the ground instead of being a Jesus baby (flat on tummy with arms straight out to the sides) and cry like I used to.
*Eat solids.
*Sit like a big girl in the carts at the stores.
*Drink from a sippy cup, sort of.
*I can now manipulate EVERYTHING on my exersaucer, including that pesky penguin that you have to hit in order to make the balls go down.  Yay me!
*Cry when weirdos try to hold me.  Stranger danger is real folks!
*Sleep on my tummy because I like it better that way.  (*Mommy talk-I do not like this because it scares me, but the doctor said she is okay if we don't always flip her back over.)

Things I Wear
I can now wear 6 month clothes, but some of them are too short for me, because I am too tall.  I can wear 9 month jammies because who cares if they are baggy.  I can still wear 3 month onesies because I am just that cool!

Things I Eat
I still love me some boobie juice and will continue to love it until there is no more boobie juice to love!
*Carrots-a personal fav.
*Sweet potatoes
*Butternut Squash
*Peas-another fav.
*Golden Delicious apples and Gala apples
*Pears-a new fav.
*I also love candy and things of that nature that my mommy sneaks me every now and again, but I get to hyper so I think I can't have it anymore. (Mom of the year award goes to Sarah).

We are so blessed to have Audrey in our lives.  She brings so much joy to our household and all the animals adore her.  She has a wonderful Daddy that dotes on her and protects her and a Mommy who can't say no to a face like that.  Okay, sometimes I do...but it's real hard!  Cheers to every day we have you in our lives!!!