Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

On July 29, 1980 at 30 years old, my mother gave birth to me.  Who knew that exactly 30 years later I would give birth to my very own daughter.  As I went about my day I thought about my mom and imagined her getting to share in all the things that have happened over the last nine years because today is the day that my life was changed forever.  I was only 21 years old when she passed away-too young for anyone to lose their mother.  I was always close to my mom, but our relationship was changing to more of a kindred friendship than that of a mother/daughter ONLY relationship.  We would spend Saturdays shopping, walking through model homes, and eating out.  I was living with Elijah (in sin) and going to college and her and my dad were living a life with a child free home.  I so wish my mom could have watched Elijah and I walk down the aisle, but I am thankful that she got to know him before she left this world (we got engaged just 2 months before she passed).  As time moved on I got my bachelor's degree and then decided to pursue a career in education...following in her footsteps.  I went on to get my masters in education and miraculously got my dream job (it was fate) at the same school that my mom worked at until her dying day.  It was like coming home to a family of open arms and continuing the legacy of my mom.  It was a bittersweet day when Audrey was born, because a girls mom is usually there when her daughter gives birth.  She was there, but in spirit.  I so wish that she could watch me raise my child and give me advice on teething, walking, boys, etc. that I will have to figure out through friends and other family.  As I sat on the couch this evening, sort of somber in my day, I look over at my husband and daughter, bonding....and laughing.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.  Even if you are having a crappy day because of circumstance, your child's laughter is like no other.  It takes all your cares away and makes you realize how truly blessed you are to even have the chance to listen to your baby that you created laugh and enjoy life!  Life is precious and enjoy each moment, for you never know when it may be your last.  This is for my mom, my aunt, my grandma, my dad, and my brother, my husband, my cousin Renee, and my daughter for being able to be a part of my life and my mom's.  I love you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Raspberry Bubble Blower

Yesterday Audrey reached another milestones.  As she was having fun in her "discovery center" otherwise known as her Baby Einstein Exersaucer, she started to spit and pierce her lips together.  We didn't know what she was doing until we started watching her more and more.  She was blowing raspberries!! She only does this while she is playing in her exersaucer and we tried numerous times to capture it on video yesterday, but every time we started videotaping she stopped....until today.  I caught her in the act and she had no idea I was taping her.  Poor thing pushes out more spit than noises, but it sure is funny!!  Sorry the video is sideways...I am still not that great at technology and just figured out I could post videos from my phone.  Next time I'll take a video facing the right way but you get the idea!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Impartial Eater

So I have a ton of fun making Audrey's food and am so excited to see how she likes it...only thing is-she could care less!  So far we have only been giving her solids at dinner time and even then she will only eat a couple of spoonfuls.  I started off with carrots (see previous blog) and then  made them again, this time with a longer steam and more boobie juice.  They came out perfect!! Audrey is "ho hum" about them, but we tried her on them for about a week.
What is that in the mixer??

Excited mommy

Yay...food time.  Little does she know it's solids and not boobie juice.

No...not this again.

Pissed off carrot face.

I thought that maybe she didn't enjoy carrots...they were too bland or too orange.  Who knows!  So after her Great Aunt Janis came to town and dropped off some avocados from the family farm we thought that would be the next veggie to try. She really enjoyed them the first day...gulping them down.  The next few days, not so much.  She is really great at avoidance tactics, such as staring at the light fixture, turning her head towards the window, looking down at her Bumbo.  In general...looking anywhere, but at her food and/or me!

Mmmm avocodos
Whatchu looking at??

Our last stop on the road to solids is sweet potatoes.  I baked them and according to the cookbook it said if you bake them the natural sugar flavors come out more and it tastes better.  I thought this was a great idea because maybe it will be more flavorful for this impartial eater.  We sat her down again tonight hoping that she would like them more than the carrots and the avocados.  Fail again.  Not only does she not really like them, but her new thing is making gagging noises.  I can't believe that at 5 months old she can gag as if she is having bleach poured down her mouth.  This kid is turning out more and more like her mommy.  Cooked veggies...not so much.  Raw veggies...yum (not sure if she will be like this, but I sure am) and I'm pretty sure that she will just adore pureed fruits. Well, little lady...you are going to try EVERY veggie in the cookbook before we move on to fruits.  Hate to break your sweets bubble!

If I keep my mouth clenched closed, do I have to eat it?
Maybe I sort of like it.
Avoidance tactic #1...staring at the Bumbo
Her new way of getting out of eating...gagging noises.