Saturday, January 21, 2012

Audrey's First Haircut

Today Audrey went and got her first haircut!  We weren't too sure how she would react since she hates new situations and people being too close in her face.  We didn't do her hair today since she was going to get it done.  Here is what she looked like before we went.
 Elijah tried putting Audrey in the seat and she would have nothing to do with it so I had to sit with her, where she proceeded to scream and flail until they gave her a lollipop.
 Audrey's haircut lasted approximately 2.5 minutes and she hated every minute of it!  Here she is getting her hair parted and ready to be cut. Notice the sad eyes.

 Happy haircut?  This face tells it all.  Haircuts are stupid and I never want to get one again.  I hate you all.  But aren't they sooooo cute?????  Those bangs make her look like such a big girl!
 Audrey even got a baggie with her hair in it and a certificate that says she got her first haircut.  Maybe tomorrow she will like it better!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Clothes Goal

For a couple of months now I have really been trying to reach out of my comfort zone (in the clothes department) and try some new fashions that are much more cuter and trendier.  I'm not going crazy trendy, like zebra neon pants or back to the 80's, but the basics of trendy.  I'm talking skinny jeans, tunic tops and boots.  Nothing crazy, but things I have not tried.  I am a traditionally very classic dresser who wears a t-shirt and jeans most of the time or a pair of black pants or khakis and a plain top.  I have been getting tired of these clothes and wanted to try something new.  This is where the skinny jeans come in.  Now, you might say, "what's wrong with skinny jeans?"  Well nothing, except I'm already skinny and the 'skinny' jean would just accentuate my already stick like legs.  Elijah always told me to just embrace being skinny, but I hate being judged or told by other people that I need to eat or that I am just so small.  Really?  I had no idea people!!! Everyone has their insecurities and mine is the skinny girl complex.  I was born this way, as Lady Gaga would say.  I eat and nothing happens.  I would love to tack on a few pounds, but I probably would have to eat pure lard in order to gain anything and that's just not happening.  To prove that I eat I will tell you what I ate for lunch today: a turkey wrap, 2 cuties, a personal sized cheese block thing, a bag of BBQ chips, and carrots with ranch. I drank water with my meal.  This is a typical lunch for me!  Anywho, I have really been trying to embrace the skinny and I really stepped out of my box today and wore something new!  I even stopped in with a co-worker and asked my assistant if I looked like a weirdo today.  It really made my day when another co-worker told me I looked really cute and that she liked my outfit!  I guess it does pay to step out of my comfort zone. I really will try to continue finding things that are cute and I may feel slightly self conscious, but a more stylish one!!  Here is a look at what I wore today!!  Pardon the mess of hair and lack of makeup...I just got off work!
Dress: c/o Target. Belt, tank, leggings: c/o Wet Seal.  Shoes: Fergalicious.  Cat: not included.