Saturday, September 8, 2012

Audrey Turns 2!!

The invite my SIL cute!!
I cannot believe how quickly time flew by and now I have a 2 year old.  Really? Where did the time go? Labor day weekend we had a BBQ at our house to celebrate Audrey's day.  It was nice and relaxing and the weather was great (hot, but good).  We had a kiddie pool set up and Audrey's play house was a big hit as well.  It was nice to have people over with the backyard pretty much complete.  Since Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of Audrey's favorite shows we decided to go with a Minnie Mouse theme.  I found a lot of great ideas off of Pinterest and came up with some of my own. It also helps when you have crafty family members that are willing to put in the work!  I had to work on Audrey's actual birthday, so that evening my sister in law came over to help with the cupcakes.  They turned out so cute.  Here is a look at the setup...Minnie Mouse, pink and white polka dots, and a splash of zebra.
The centerpiece which now lives in Audrey's bedroom.

Super cute cupcakes.

I found the perfect balloons to match the theme.

Sorry..kind of blurry and I took it before the sign was made.  We used Disney print to say "Minnie's candy and sweets bar".  The candy was a big hit...mostly by the adults :o)

You can kind of see the sign for this that says "Minnie's Pink Lemonade"

I tried getting a good picture of Audrey and her cute Minnie shirt to match, but having a 2 year old sit for that is basically impossible.  My friend made her the bow to match her outfit perfectly. Love it!!  Here's a little look at the party.

Singing Happy Birthday!!

She doesn't really like all the attention, which was funny and she doesn't like cupcakes.  Go figure!

Presents time!  She got a ton of cute stuff... a lot Minnie Mouse themed.  Perfect!

Apparently it became a family even because the dogs came to open gifts too.  Audrey's buddies, Tanner and Braylon, also helped with the gift opening.  So cute!



They had so much fun in the pool!! I didn't realize that the Little Tykes slide  would retain the water and it was pretty comical when Brittany tried to take it out and it weighed about 85lb. 

Playing in the house and the water table.

We had a fantastic day and were so thankful that many friends and family came to enjoy it with us!! We couldn't have asked for anything better. Happy Birthday more year down the hatch!