Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Little Girl...

Heard this song on Pandora while I was cleaning the house. Brought tears to my eyes.  Thought of Elijah, Audrey's daddy, and our little lady.  Love you both!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Audrey and I were hanging out in the living room and she was doing her usual dare devil stunts of jumping off the ottoman onto the floor or jumping and hopping all over the place.  I turned my head and my kid was doing somersaults all by herself!!  She loves doing them, but generally needs assistance on getting her feet over.  I am so proud of her and can't believe the things she can do and she isn't even 2 yet.  I caught some somersaults on video (don't mind my super excited mommyness in the background) for your enjoyment!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cliffs or Bust

I would say...semi bust.  So today we went to our version of Six Flags.  Now let's get serious here.  This is New Mexico and Six Flags it is not...but for a 2 year old...maybe.  We decided as a one time summer treat we would take Audrey there so she could ride all the fun kiddie rides and then go to this new super commercialized "Water Mania" or monkey place within the park.  Most of the people that work there turned 16 4.7 seconds ago and have the brain capacity of a shriveled up raisin.  We asked them if we had to buy a ride pass if we weren't going on all the rides and were just accompanying her on some and we still had to buy a full blown pass.  Needless to say, it was a bit overpriced, but Audrey had a blast on the rides.
This one had a button that would play music with a dog barking.  Audrey must have pressed it 22 times!

I didn't capture the funny picture of Elijah breaking the Baja car.  The tire hit the ground because he weighed too much.  Oops.

Um, this one is obviously not made for people over 3ft tall.  Knees in the face...yes.

Her favorite of the day...the swings!!
Only one on the ride!

Running to the next ride

Isn't she cute??

Swirly t-pot thing.  I've never liked these.  Gives me a headache, but Audrey loved it!

This ride was pretty fun, although I barely fit on it.  It drops you so your stomach falls.  This is my "okay" face.

Mommy and daughter enjoying the ride.

Going down the big tube ride.

She loved this one.
After going on this tube ride we headed over to the Water Mania.  Let me just say, that this place was CRAZY!!
Looks fun...until you add 235634654733 people.
Basically if you wanted to ride anything, good luck finding it because this is all you saw!
There were huge buckets, water squirters, poles with water holes flinging ice cold water at you.  And the only slide that Audrey could have gone down was broken.  So we left there after 5 minutes.  They will be opening up a Little Squirts area which is basically a splash pad.  There is one closer to my house for $2 for the both of us, rather than the $30 this place offered.  Maybe 10 years from now she would like this place, but we won't be going back anytime soon.  I do have to say that guest relations was really nice when we kindly asked for a refund for the water park and they refunded our whole amount.  Score!  We headed over to our usual water hang out, Corrales Pool, where Audrey could go down the slide, get wet, and kids have manners.  Overall, it was a good day...just to see Audrey smile on the rides.  She really is a daredevil.  I'm also glad Elijah could accompany us on this trip, since he doesn't often get too.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Beating the Heat

I feel like the summer has totally slipped by.  Before I know it I will be back at work trudging through another school year.  I hope it goes by as fast as this last one!  We finally hit up the pool after going only once Memorial Weekend.  June...where did you go??  We were surprised at how empty it was, but that was great for us since Audrey has about .5% fear in her body.  We love going to Corrales Pool since the majority of it is 2.5 feet or less.  Audrey loved going down the slide (all by herself) and could care less if she fell under the water.  I don't think she has realized that drowning is a possibility, so this momma stayed close!  We stayed for roughly 3 hours and I actually had a blast myself!  We will be heading back this week and hopefully a few more times before school starts!  I didn't get too many pictures, since my phone is not waterproof and it was either take pictures and let my kid potentially drown or no photos and keep her safe.  You can guess what I picked!
One of 3 breaks for snacks.  Veggie fries are a hit!

Not the world's greatest picture, but you can see the play structure in the middle.  It has sprayers, slide, and a tunnel.

Mmmm non chlorinated water!!

Say cheese Tanner!!

Ready to get back in the water.

Climbing in.

Waiting to go.

And off she goes.

All by herself!

Friday, July 13, 2012

When Daddy is Away...

Audrey and I go out to play.  Earlier this week Elijah went on a business trip to OKC.  We dropped him off at the airport and headed over to the zoo.  I only brought some snacks because we weren't going to stay all day.  The weather was perfect and there wasn't a whole lot of people there.  This was Audrey's transportation.  Taking the lead as usual.

Our first stop was the seals and sea lions because they were about to get fed. Audrey didn't really enjoy waiting, but she did have fun watching the seals.
We then headed over to the elephants and Audrey got to see a peacock.  She loved him and kept running back over to see him instead of the elephants.
Mommy, Daddy, and baby...I think.

"Hi puhcah"
We trail blazed through the cat walk and noticed that the porcupine was out...Audrey however was more interested in the crafts that were being made, so we decided to make dad a snake.  I glued, Audrey drew.

Way more fun than the porcupine.
We hit up Africa, which all the animals were snoozing...go figure.  By this point it was getting super humid and this mom was getting tired.

Lazy animals.

Yet another lazy animal.
Our last visit was to the polar bear.  He was hiding off in a corner and it was hard to see him!
This area smelt an awful lot like dead fish and pee.  Audrey didn't seem to notice.

There he is...bottom of the picture.
Before we left we had to take one photo of the capybara...Elijah's favorite giant sized hamster.
After our trip to the zoo I was ready for a nap...Audrey, however, didn't nap until around 4ish.  Crazy girl.  The next day we met up with our friends Melinda and Tanner to see how the kids who do at the movies.  Next week they are showing Rio (one of Audrey's favorites) so this was  a good test run.  Overall, Audrey did pretty good....for an almost 2 year old.  On Wednesday's one of our local theatre's shows older kids movies for a $1. Can't beat that.  This one was Kung Fu Panda 2.  I realize now that we need at least 2 bottles of milk, TONS of snacks, and probably some popcorn!  I had a blast though!
Tanner being a good boy and sitting for the movie.

Audrey being a naughty girl and running all over the theatre.

Right before the movie started!!
After the movie we headed over to Dion's for some lunch and conversation! The kids didn't really want to sit anymore, so it was a fast one!

Mmmm fruit!!

Best friends...always!

Later than night we picked up Elijah from the airport.  I'm sure all the people enjoyed Audrey throwing herself on the ground and screaming because I wouldn't let her go down the escalator.  Ms. Independent!!
Audrey looking at one of her favorite things...AIRPAIN!!

Yes, I take fantastic photos.