Monday, March 19, 2012

Creativity in a Child

I always tend to look at Audrey in awe as she plays or does her "weird" things.  It's fun to sit back and see her imagination come to play and I often wonder what she is thinking about or 'who' she is playing with.  I want to start keeping tabs on the silly things she does that just makes me laugh.  Last night as we were watching the Amazing Race Audrey went to town with a game of "throw and fetch."  She took all her blocks from her shape sorter and went to the edge of the rug where she proceeded to throw each one, making a noise for each throw.  She would then go retrieve all her shapes and head back to the edge of the rug.  At times she had too many shapes and would drop them before she made it back so I tried showing her a bucket that she could stick them in.  She promptly shouted, "no, no, no!" at me because obviously I just didn't get her game!  I recorded some of her playing just to show you this little game she created.  She went to town on this game for a good 15 minutes which is like 3 hours in toddler time.  I apologize ahead for the loud background of the tv, but I didn't want to disturb her.  *Remember to go to the bottom of the blog and turn off the sound on the playlist before watching the video.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bowlers Paradise

Before Audrey was born we used to go bowling a few times a month, but we haven't been in probably a year.  We decided to try out bowling again and hoped that Audrey would enjoy it!  My dad was excited to join us (as he usually does) and we hit up Santa Ana Casino for some Sunday bowling.  Here's a look back at what times used to look like pre-baby.  July, 2010...a month before Audrey arrived.
Going for the "happy family" look.  Big gut, big boobs (oh how I miss you), dad, and Jeff bro.
Right before we were set to bowl, Elijah opened up his bowling bag only to find that his ball had completely split.  Since we are total professional bowlers, we keep our balls in the garage. You know, a total room temperature, out of the elements kind of place.  His poor "snot rocket" will now be backyard decor, so we can always look at "what was."

Sad Mr. Bowler and Snot Rocket

 After the bowling ball debacle, we included bumpers and 6 pound ball...almost half of Audrey's weight.  She knew which ball was her's and kept yelling, "baaa, baaa!" because she thought EVERY turn was her turn. We let "pampaw" go first so she could see what bowling was all about and then it was her turn.  Elijah thought that a good butt shot would be nice to include, so here you go.  Enjoy!  Audrey took her ball and pushed it down the aisle at a fast as lightning speed.  We're talking turtle speed here, folks.  The poor people on either side of us had to wait eons for us to complete Audrey's turn and all the paparazzi photos that went along with it.

First toss!

Watch the ball go down!!

Elijah also thinks that this shirt helps him bowl better, or look like an "official bowler."  He always dresses the part.

First go round...Audrey is tied with me for 2nd.  Poor Grandpa...only got 1.

Bowling with her daddy!

Now it's Grandpa's turn to help!

I love how she is pointing at her ball going down.
Close to the end of the first round Audrey started getting fussy and her bowling days were over.  She was asking for milk and being the super star mom that I am, I didn't bring any.  Elijah had to go to the buffet downstairs and ask for milk.  She was content after that, but ONLY if Elijah held her.  This was an "I hate mommy" outing.  The picture below depicts her feelings for bowling and that milk is WAAAAAAYYYY more important.

After the first round I won!  Woot woot! Audrey didn't do too bad for her first go round.  The second round was mostly played by my dad and I while Audrey nursed her milk attack and daddy doted on her.  The third round was completed by each one of us taking baby duty since Audrey found the game room and thought the car games were amazing and driving a fake steering wheel was way cooler than bowling.

 We finished up our bowling only to find that the city had been taken over by dirt, blowing 1000 miles an hour.  Really it was like 30, but microdermabrasion and teeth grit, were at an all time high. We made it over to Chili's and capped off our day with a yummy lunch!
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Cutie pa-tootie.
We will venture out bowling again, and maybe a tad earlier and with a stock pile of milk and treats that fancy this little lady!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break and we're at the Zoo!

This is my 100th post!! It doesn't seem that long ago that I jumped on the blogging bandwagon, but really it's been about a year and a half.  I started blogging right after Audrey was born and although I don't blog as much during the school year, I still try to keep up with a once a month posting.  We are now enjoying spring break and before I know it the end of the school year will be upon us.  Audrey and I decided to venture over to the zoo today with our good friends Melinda and Tanner.  It was such a beautiful day....70 degree weather!  Everyone else in Albuquerque thought so too and decided to join us.   I am some what perturbed at the computer because while I was uploading our fun photos, several got corrupted and either didn't show up or only half way transferred.  But these shots are the best of what was left.  It was so fun going and seeing the zoo through the eyes of 18 and 19 month olds.  Tanner didn't really enjoy the wagon, but that was fine because the kids spent most of their time running from exhibit to exhibit. 
Checking out the gorillas


Waiting for the train to start rolling...we're talking high speed freight train here!

Notice the similarity in their faces.  That's called "veggie straw lips."

Daddy giraffe.  Audrey was slightly scared of the giraffe, but I thought he was amazing.

Audrey could have stood here for days watching the mommy and her baby.  She takes after her  mom and just LOVES the elephants.

Having a conversation over the "cucks" and the noises they make.
 I think that this was by far Audrey's favorite place.  She kept referring to the seals as "B" meaning Bruno, our big black lab.  Every time they would go by she would squeal and scream.  She had to stop at every window to see them swim by. 

 We were on our way to see the polar bears when the zoo keepers walked the llamas over for a viewing.  Someone decided to take off after them.  No fear!  Audrey got to pet the llamas and luckily we didn't get spit on.
Sadly, my favorite picture of Audrey and Tanner hugging didn't make it through the corruption, nor did the photo of Audrey sleeping 12 seconds after we got in the car, so I will leave you with this video of our ladybug and her pure joy at seeing the seals.  *Remember to turn the music off by scrolling to the bottom of the blog.
We WILL be heading back to the zoo very soon!  4 hours of pure vote: yes!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

After the Storm...

...There will be a rainbow.  I just know it.  February was a some what awful month filled with heartache and pain, but I feel like good things are coming!  The month started off with the passing of my assistant's mother.  She was in her 80's and lived a lovely and long life that produced many children.  She went to Heaven to be with her husband, whom she longed to see for 17 months.

 The following week was the anniversary of my mother's passing.  This year we hit the big 1-0 mark. A whole decade.  It really doesn't seem that long because time has just flown by.  That same day I went to get my first ultrasound.  Yes, a pregnancy due date ultrasound.  You see, in January we were surprised to find out that we were pregnant.  It happened so fast this time! We were very excited because Audrey and the new baby would be 25/26 months apart.  How cool!  Elijah was out of town on the day of my ultrasound so my friend Melinda came for support and to help with Audrey.  We went in and Audrey was having a total fit!  You could tell that the ultrasound tech was a little flustered.  We were able to see our "smudge" and she told me that the baby was measuring at 6 weeks 1 day rather than 7 weeks 1 day.  This is fairly normal as ovulation could have happened later and our days were just off.  She also told me that I had a very small subchorionic bleed.  I was told that this is also considered very common and on a scale of 1 to 10 mine was a 1/2.  She tried to find a heartbeat and kept telling me to hold my breath.  The heart beat never showed up clearly on the monitor, but she said that she saw a flutter and that was good and because I was so early that could explain it.  The whole time my ultrasound was going on Audrey was sprawled across me after crying uncontrollably.  I left feeling uncertain and not quite right, but what could I do?
The first ultrasound

The next week I got a text from Elijah saying that my midwife called and said I should call her back. I started panicking.  I was at work, but needed to hear what she said.  I called her back and she told me that she wanted another ultrasound to see the heartbeat.  I was crying in the back of my classroom because I knew this just wasn't normal and she said that based on my calculations we should have seen a heartbeat.  It was a long 2 weeks and the day before my ultrasound I started to bleed.  Now I hoped that it was because of that subchorionic bleed which could be expelling, as most do, but deep down I knew what was happening.  My fears were confirmed at our appointment.  The baby hadn't grown. It was still showing  6 weeks and 1 day and I should have been 9.  I was heartbroken.  The ultrasound tech was so very sweet and she just said it was a matter of time and to let my body do it's job.

I continued to bleed after that appointment and knowing what it all meant.  At work on Wednesday of that week the majority of what was my pregnancy was gone.  It was horrible and something I would never wish upon anyone.  In my heart I feel like I knew that this pregnancy would never work out.  I never felt a connection and didn't feel right.  Maybe it was mother's intuition.  I thank God that this happened the second time around and not the first.  There was no way I could have been as strong if we had tried for four years like we did with Audrey only to have it end up in failure.  I am so thankful for her!  Through this whole situation I continued to look at her and say, "at least I have her.  Audrey is an amazing child, a ray of sunshine."  A friend told me that my mom just needed a baby to hold and she chose her grandchild.  Maybe she's right and my mom is keeping this little one safe for me until I get to see them! And to add to the heartache, my consolation prize was a bill I got in the mail for $139.28 for my failed pregnancy. Thanks for that.    But, I feel confident that when the timing is right it will happen again and from this I can only grow stronger!
She makes everything feel better in my heart!

Even after all that turmoil there was 1 more thing that just had to happen!  My best friend's 5 year old daughter got admitted to the hospital for 5 days.  She was battling what the doctors thought was a nasty viral infection, only to find out that she had Kawasaki Disease.  In a nutshell, this means that her body started to fight itself, rather than the infection.  This is very scary since it can have an effect on the coronary arteries and in a worst case scenario, a heart attack.  She ended up having a transfusion of sorts where they slow dripped antibodies into her blood stream so her body could fight the infection.  We are happy to say that she is now back at school and is happy and HEALTHY!! I love this little girl so much and was there just a short time after she was born.  I don't know what I would do if something horrible happened to her.
The bestie and her lovely...4 years ago!!  Boy has she grown!

As you can tell, this month really was hard, but in the end it made me believe that I can weather any storm and it made me appreciate the family that I do have here on Earth even more.  This month also showed me how supportive my friends at home AND at work are and without them I could not be as strong. So here is to that Rainbow that WILL appear after this storm is over!