Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Chex Mix

I haven't posted in what seems like forever.  I've been a busy girl. Heading back to work after the winter break was a whirlwind.  I had to finish report cards, get ready for Groundhog's Day, the 100th Day of School, and being a mom!  My assistant also lost her mom last week and that was rough for everyone.  She's back now and we are working our way towards conferences and in a few weeks SPRING BREAK!  Here's a look at what I have been up to!  100 day Fruit Loop necklaces...and yes, they counted every last one!

 100 day sticker books!
 And of course, taking care of this one!  Well, at this moment she was helping daddy with "the other woman," but this past week I was a single mom since Elijah was in Pittsburgh.  During this time Audrey decided to take a flying leap off the couch and burn her face on the cat scratcher AND biting into her lip.  So the past few days she has looked like I gave her a good 1-2 into her jaw.  That's how I roll!
While Audrey took a nap I decided to take a crack at a Valentine's Day Chex Mix that I found via Pinterest.  It's been sitting on my board for a good 4 weeks now and I thought it would be great to make so Audrey can take it to her little friends at the babysitter's.  
I first started with the Rice Chex.

 Then you melt the peanut butter, vanilla chips, and butter

 Add it to the Chex and blend it all together.  Then you split it in half and add powder sugar to half (didn't take a picture of that process.  I'm sure you'll live.)
 Lay it out to cool for 15 minutes, while the monitor is on so if you hear screaming you have to stop what you're doing and rescue the baby.
 Let the dogs taste test the mix.  After all, some people call it puppy chow.  And yes, they approve.

 Mr. Helper himself.
 To the unpowdered sugar mix you add in M&M's and sprinkles.  I didn't have those fat ones on hand, so I used the ones that look like colored sugar.  If you use the hard candy coated ones the effect is better, but the store we went to didn't have just Valentine colors.
 Then you let that cool down.  We made two batches since the recipe was a 1/2 recipe.  It would be enough if it were just for a few people, though.

 You then blend it all together and bag it up and voila you have your fun Valentine Chex Mix...from Audrey and made by her parents while your highness beauty rested.  Super easy and super yummy!!