Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Feliz Octavo Aniversario!!

And for those of you that don't know a little spanglish that means 'Happy 8th Anniversary!'  I can't believe it's already been 8 years since we said "I do!"  We have actually been together a lot longer than that...circa 1998 ya'll.  I guess I'll give you all the abridged back story to how we met.
I was 18 and in my first semester of college.  Elijah was 20 and was working for Wilson's Leather (I think.  The guy was Mr. Retail for a long time!!).  I worked with his roommate at Hastings and they came in together one time.  I asked Brian who that was and he told me.  He then sort of hooked us up and we went on our first date...which was really movie watching at his apartment.  A couple dates later we made it official.  December 13, 1998.  We moved in together the following year and then got engaged around Christmas time of 2001.  The timing was great because my mom got to know him for a few years and we got engaged not knowing that she would pass away just a couple of months later.  Thank God for Elijah because during that hard time he really was my rock.  I'm so glad that they got to know each other and that she got to see us engaged.  I wanted to finish school so we had a long engagement.  I graduated in December of 2003 and we got married June 19, 2004.  We were going to have the big wedding here in NM at the Botanical Gardens, but it just started getting out of control and too much so we nixed all those plans and opted for a very small wedding at a place called The Grove in North Las Vegas.  It was really pretty (and hot) there.  We had a good time...with some bumps right before.  A few weeks before we said I do I came down with what we thought was a virus and was really pneumonia.  Needless to say, being the happy asthmatic that I am, I was hospitalized for 5 days and then put on house arrest oxygen for the following week. I missed my bridal shower and was barely given the go ahead to leave for our wedding.  My dress was falling off of me and I had bruises up and down my arm due to the IV and other crap they were feeding me.  But, we made it and here we are 8 years later.  It hasn't been all roses and daisies, but we have overcome a lot and are stronger from it!  Here's a little look back to our lives as individuals, a couple, and then a tripod. 
Circa 1999.  My mom was fond of taking photos which was somewhat embarrassing.

At the bowling alley. Me: on meds for wisdom teeth removal.  Elijah: duck lips extraordinaire.


This is what happens when you are bored and live together.  Maybe 2000?

Vegas circa 2002.

Halloween party in 2002 in our new house!

San Diego maybe 2002/2003.

On our way to get married!!!

June 19, 2004.

Sometime in 2004-2006.  Pimples were big in our photos back then!

2005 and Elijah's first trip up the tram.

2006 when I started being a creeper in photos before it became cool.

2007 self portrait.  Don't we take good photos?

April of 2008 at the Phoenix race track

2009 at McCall's Pumpkin Patch.  Elijah loves his sleepy eye look.

2010 when we finally had a +1 to our original 2.

August 31, 2010 when we officially became a family.  

June 2011 and Audrey's first time in San Diego.

Still 2011.  Nice picture to send to family.
So I can't find any pictures from any camera that we have taken as a couple/family in 2012.  We have some on Elijah's tablet, but I can barely figure out how to turn the thing on much less upload a photo.  I loved looking back on our years together!  Happy Anniversary baby....I love you!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Alameda Splash Park

We finally got to hit up a splash park today. It was a first for us and Audrey had a blast.  It's $2 to get in and who can beat that.  For an early Monday afternoon it was pretty busy so I can only imagine what it would be like on the weekend. My friend Brittany had an impromptu day off from work so her and Braylon came over to hang out for a bit before heading over to the park.  Our other friend, Melinda came to join us.  We were glad she was able to make it out of the house after having surgery.  We had fun watching the kids run through the water.  I think Braylon had the most fun out of everyone!

Not so sure about this place.

Slowly checking it out.

Starting off with the small water pads.

Braylon just jumps right in.  That's him in the stripped shorts.

Now she's having fun!

Chasing the girls around the flower sprinkler.

Braylon chasing after Audrey

"Let me show you how this works Audrey!"

Ring around the rosie..

What a cute face!

"Braylon...everything looks so weird from this angle."

"Let me try....wow. That is sooooo cool!!"

Nigh night.

Audrey trying to coax Tanner into the water.

Tanner is wondering why the water turned off.
Overall, this was a fun place to go.  Maybe next time we'll have food in the kids bellies and maybe a nap too!  I think we will be heading back here again soon!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hi Duke

As I'm browsing my daily internet sites, Audrey is behind me pulling out every single book on her book shelf.  I then hear her say over and over again, "Hi Duke...hi Duke....hi Duke."  I'm wondering who she is talking to and this was what she was looking at.

Apparently this character looks a lot like Duke...in Audrey's eyes.  Duke is our ferret who passed away in January.  Do you see the resemblance? It's uncanny!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bosque Run

This morning Audrey and I woke up early and headed out to meet my friend Jenny down at the Bosque for a run/walk.  Jenny brought her bike and I think next time we might do the same.  Audrey and I fast paced walked and jogged and I figured out that round trip we went about 6 miles.  Audrey slept for a big portion of it.  It was nice because it wasn't too hot and there was a pretty cool breeze hitting us every now and again.  The scenery is nice and we heard some interesting birds which we think may have been ostriches.  Only in New Mexico can you run a trail and hear some ostrich in somebodies back yard and it's not the zoo.  Too funny!  I think we are going to be hitting up the trails at least once or twice a week to get our heart rates going.
There's Jenny riding ahead!

Pretty trees to the west

The mountains and Rio Grande houses to the east


My good friend Jenny!

Attempting to run!

Audrey chillin' out!

We also got to see someone's pet camel.  Really??

Audrey noticing the ducks in the ditch

That was fun...let's do it again next week!