Sunday, April 22, 2012

Swim Season...Here we Come!

I finally bit the bullet.  I have been sitting on a gift card from Victoria's Secret since Christmas and finally decided to put it to good use and buy myself a new bathing suit!!  I know most women have bathing suit phobias and I am now part of that club!  You might be saying "Why??? You are SOOOO would look good in anything!"  I have heard that before.  My problem is before baby I was one of the small boobed girls, but had enough to at least fill out a small suit.  After baby, those small boobs have gone south leaving no oomph in the top part.  What I discovered this past year was that most of my swimsuits would leave a gap at the top and the potential for some slippage that only men would enjoy, but would make me red in the face.  I was always pulling on my suit, wearing a tank top or tying the suit so tight that I could barely breath.  I am thinking that a bandeau top might do me some good and I hope that it is small enough to fit my even smaller boobs inside of it!  I found this gem and am praying it will work...with some self tanner so I can pretend to look like this hot Victoria's Secret model.  I ordered it in the same color and all.
 I would really like this swimsuit to work because I will be spending a lot of time at places like this:

Corrales Pool.  Where even a toddler can walk over to the play structure and not drown.

The Splash Park so Audrey can get squirted up the nose with 50 gallons of water.

The all new Watermania park at our local Cliff's Amusement Park
and...if we get lucky and get enough funds together, we can head over to our favorite San Diego hot spot...Mission Beach; where everyone is tanner, better looking and more in shape than me, but who cares because I will never have to see them again....until next summer, that is.  

If all else fails, I can always put this hottie right in front of me and no one will notice the gap topped bathing suit I am sporting and only keep their eyes on the Gap model that made my boobs go south, named Audrey.
 Doesn't she look hot in a bathing suit.  Jealous? Yes.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Hunt Extravaganza

Heading over to the "egg hunting zone"
We decided to host a cute little egg hunt for Audrey and her friends since the typical ones are monopolized by the bigger kids.  This way they could take their time and we could get a lot of great photos!  Unfortunately, our good friends Brittany and Braylon were unable to attend because they were headed off to Arizona to visit family, but Melinda, Morgan, and Tanner came along to hunt down some Easter eggs.  Elijah and my sister in law, Tamara, headed over to the park early and set up all the eggs.  I really wasn't sure if the kids would understand the concept since they are 19/20 months.  The proved us wrong!  They got the idea right away and before long Tanner realized that chocolate and other goodies were hidden inside!

grabbing baskets to prepare for the hunt!

"I've figured it out Mommy!! Egg hunting expert here!"

First you pick it up...

Then you put it in the basket...boom boom!

Tanner on the prowl!

Discovering that Daddy was laying on the ground taking all the pictures!

Sneaky eyes!

Audrey discovering that there was candy in her eggs.  Her favorite were the Lifesaver Gummies. 

Melinda picking up the spilled contents of Tanner's basket.

Loving the tongue!! She's on a mission!

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"Thanks Audrey...I'll cherish this egg forever."


 The kiddos got along really well. It's so neat to watch them grow together and evolve from when they were first born.  They now have babbling conversations that only the two of them can understand.  Their friendship is like no other...they mesh really well together.  We have so many fun years ahead of us and this was just another fond memory to add to our book!  The kids stocked up on a ton of eggs, which I'm sure they will be sharing with their parents!!  After a fun filled hunt for eggs we headed back home for some yummy BBQ and country playing in the background.  Next time we have a BBQ our backyard will be completely done and definitely kid friendly!!  Happy Easter's been a Blessing!
Waiting to eat!!