Saturday, October 20, 2012

Busy October

We have been so busy since Fall has started. There hasn't been a weekend where we didn't have something going on, like a birthday, a trip to the pumpkin patch, or work commitments.  I am finally getting a small chance to sit down and give a quick recap of what we have been up to lately.  We made it out for the opening weekend of a local pumpkin patch called Galloping Graces.  Its got free admission and anything you buy or donate goes straight to their great organization on working with special needs kids.  Audrey had a blast at just about everything!!
First stop...playing in the corn.

Time to get buried!

Riding on these bouncy horses was kind of a fail...until mommy rode it with her.

Super cute idea!!

Audrey loved this little area!

Making a mean mud cupcake!

Audrey was a bit afraid of the horse, but he was such a sweet boy!

Time for the duck races!

Get ready....


(backwards photo).  All done!!


Corn maze time!

Cheeeeeeesssseee.  Photo fail.  Eyes closed and over exposure.

Picking out her "unkin"

We also went to our great nephews costume birthday party where we all dressed up as pirates and won the prize for best costume. Woo hoo!!
Arrrrgggghhh matey!

Audrey with her cousin Lucy who dressed up as Rose from Titanic.
We also went to my friend Kelly's daughter's 2nd birthday party.  Alexis' theme was all about painting.  I am so glad Audrey wanted to participate and her handy work is now on our wall in the hallway!!

Audrey and Alexis getting their paint on.

All done and hanging on the wall!
The following weekend we hit up the Balloon Fiesta, which will be a whole additional post since the pictures are just amazing.  That evening we went to Braylon's second birthday party and it was nice to get the kids all together again!
Sebastion and Braylon playing with his new kitchen!

Inappropriate behavior for a 2 year old party.  Tanner and Audrey "wresting."
And finally, last night we went to my school's Fall Carnival. It was a ton of fun! We walked around with Audrey for a while and then I found myself spraying kiddos hair with various colors until the carnival was over!! I do not have pictures of our creations, but I'm sure all the parents had fun washing that stuff out!
Daddy and daughter matching tattoos.  We are a hardcore family.

Balloons and face painting.  Yes, please.

This is what happens when you wait for mommy to finish painting 80 kids hair!

The highlight of her night....Clifford.  She cried when he left.  The other kiddo is Justin, my future student in 2 years.

Audrey and Avery hugging it out.

Good friends!! 
Fall isn't even over yet and we have had so much fun thus far.  Next week I have parent/teacher conferences, so it's going to be a long one, but I am looking forward to an extra day off and Halloween right around the corner!

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  1. You were Busy! I love your pirate costumes & we haven't been to gg pumpkin patch yet, looks like they added a lot of fun thing this year :). Are you going to Clifford with popejoy school series? We can't wait!