Thursday, October 25, 2012

Never. Ever. EVER. Trust a 2 year old.

Last night Audrey asked for her "treasures" which is her homemade moon sand with colorful marbles in it that she can find as treasure.  So I placed it on her table and let her play while Caillou was playing in the background.  This allowed Elijah and I to watch some uninterrupted Raising Hope.  A short while after it was over Audrey comes out looking for her hand held broom and dust pan.  She was covered from neck to toe with her white treasure dust.  We proceeded to go to the bedroom where 'The mess of 2012' was.  That moon sand was EVERYWHERE!! Along with that was her dinosaur puzzle, a bag of Cracker Jacks strewn about, a Halloween goodie bag, tons of lip gloss, her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figurines, and a moon sand covered bacon sandwich (which she still wanted to eat).  This is a look at her mess!  Notice that she also includes her favorite saying in this video: "NO! Mine."


  1. Love the story, Audry looks so guilty! We have have some of those kind of stories... If our home gets too quiet, they are usually into something :)! I saw your pic on Facebook, but for some reason the video above is listed as private.

    1. I found the problem. You can view it now. Thanks for letting me know!

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