Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Hump Day

I don't know what is going on with our cat.  He is roughly 13/14 years old and has decided that he wants to live outside (which we don't allow) and demands cheese and chicken from our plates.  I don't know if he has felt a level of entitlement for whatever reason or doesn't like the fact that Audrey occupies all of our attention, but today he made it known who is KING of the house.  We were sitting in the living room catching up on the latest Sons of Anarchy episode when Elijah whispers, "Look at Sunny."  There was Sunny, our cat, sitting on top of our 105 pound lab, Bruno.  I happened to have my phone on me and caught this escapade on video. You can faintly hear Sunny growling/meowing while biting Bruno's neck and Bruno just laying there probably thinking, "What am I supposed to do?  Will I get in trouble if I get up?  Do I stay here and let the cat sit on me?"  In the end, Sunny and his neutered self had the best of Bruno on Wednesday...hump day.  Enjoy this molestation.

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