Monday, December 24, 2012


It's been a super long time since I last blogged.  Work and family has been keeping me beyond busy.  When I'm not busy with all that, I am sitting down to relax for short spurts of time. I figured it would be time to play catch up....a little bit!  Thanksgiving was really mellow around these parts.  We made our Thanksgiving feast and enjoyed it as our family of 3.  We also shared it with the puppies, which I think they enjoyed for 3.25 seconds!
Checking on the turkey


"The helper" making sure all is right with the turkey.

Self portrait.  Someone looks surprised!
The dogs/cat waited patiently...sort of for their treats.  Only in our house are the dogs so demanding that they need their food before us!

Huge plates o'goodness!

Sunny enjoying his feast

Nice action shot of Sid

Bruno and his 3 bite plate

Zane taking his time!
After the dogs and cat got fed we made Audrey's plate.  Here is a picture montage of her reaction.
Me: "Are you ready to eat?"
Audrey: "Yeah!!"

Vomit look on her face

"Well, at least there's bread."

Fake it til you make it

"Oh no.....he put it on the spoon!!"

Aversion.  Still happens after 2 years.
No Thanksgiving would ever be the same without a photo with the pope's nose.  Look it up if you don't know what it is!! Family tradition here.  Just keeping it classy.

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  1. I LOVE Audrey's reaction to the her meal... It must be a 1st born thing, J still will only eat the bread!!! I also love your decor ideas, what a great way to celebrate and present the different seasons for Audrey! She is getting so big and cute :). I haven't got the chance to tell you that I love your bangs too... They look great on you!